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Moving into a retirement community or nursing home? 

Our skilled and patient movers will help this transition go as smooth and stress-free as possible.  We understand that you or your loved ones may have fragile and priceless heirlooms that need special attention for safe transport.  You can rely on 404 Move to ensure your belongings make it to your new location, damage-free. 


When inquiring about services, ask us for advice on downsizing for your new living arrangements.  We work directly with local and state-wide nursing facilities to help ensure your moving day is flawless and comfortable. During our extensive 15 years of service, we have helped turn many stressful situations into enjoyable experiences.

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Call 785-404-6683 (MOVE) to schedule with us today!!

  • 404 Move has extensive experience helping senior citizens move. We work with local nursing homes and individuals alike. You can feel comfortable hiring us for elderly moving services because:

  • We'll handle the entire move, from packing to unpacking.

  • We can provide downsizing advice, if needed.

  • We're good at predicting how much stuff can fit in a given space.

    Your loved one won't have anything to worry about on the day of their move. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our senior moving services.

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